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This website is rich in genealogy information for the Bill Madewell Family and our ancestors. We have spent countless hours in obtaining pictorial records, data and information for display on this site. Due to this, please note that "No portion of this website may be copied or reproduced in any way. This includes text information and images. Bill Madewell and The Madewell family holds all copyrights to the photos and information displayed on the pages within this site."

The Madewell Coat of Arms Madewell Coat of Arms [1] [2]
Cemetary Stones Madewell and Beady cemetary stones
Genealogy Photos Compiled Albums of Madewell Genealogy Photos
Obadiha (Tobe) & Stella Madewell Photos of Obadiha & Stella Madewell & Family
Bill and Marjorie Madewell & Family Photos of Bill (Son of Obadiha and Stella) & Marjorie Madewell & Family
Bill and Martha Madewell & Family Photos of Bill (Son of Bill & Marjorie Madewell) & Martha Madewell & Family
Tobe & Karen Madewell & Family Photos of Tobe (Son of Obadiha and Stella) & Karen Madewell & Family
Thomas E. & Judy Madewell & Family Photos of Thomas E. (Son of Obadiha and Stella) & Judy Madewell & Family
James C. & Loraine Madewell & Family Photos of James C. (Son of Obadiha and Stella) and Loraine Madewell & Family
Bobby & Wanda Madewell & Family Photos of Bobby (Son of Obadiha and Stella) & Wanda Madewell & Family
Wayne & Theda Burchett & Family Photos of Wayne (Buster) & Theda (Daughter of Obadiha and Stella) Burchett & Family
Dave Madewell & Family Photos of Dave Madewell & Family
Moses Madewell & Family Photos of Moses Madewell & Family
Our Beaty Ancestors Photos and News Articles on our Beaty Ancestors
Documents & Articles Birth Records, Marriage Certificates, News Articles and Photos
Wedding Photos Gallery

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