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Tobe & Stella Madewell
Boatland, TN Circa 1914

My Dad was was born Obadiah Madewell but was called "Tobe". He was born on Monday, June 3, 1901 in Fentress, TN to David Madewell and Amanda Abigail Stephens.

My Mother was Stella Mae Norris. She was born on Monday, April 13, 1903 in Fentress, TN. Her parents were Levi Jasper Norris and Nina Ellen Mullinix.

My Dad and Mom were married on April 14, 1918 in Fentress, Tennesse. My Mother was 13 years old and my Dad was 16 when they married.

Together they had 12 children - (7 girls and 5 boys).

  • Charlene
  • Theda
  • Betty
  • Louise
  • Francola Marie
  • Evelyn B.
  • Pauline
  • Bobby
  • Billy
  • Tobe Randal
  • Thomas Earl
  • James Clay

My Dad passed away at age 71 on Thursday, December 14, 1972 in Crossville, Tennessee and my Mom passed away at age 75 on Thursday, May 25, 1978 in Dayton, Ohio. They were married for 54 years.

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